A special announcement

It’s been just over a year since I left my staff job at a magazine, moved out of London, and started working for myself. In every way, it’s been a brilliant decision, and I wouldn’t go back for anything. This newsletter came into being because of this newfound independence and freedom. Because I’ve been working on my own, I’ve been able to say what I wanted, when I wanted — and that feels appropriate, because so much of the podcasting industry that I cover either lives outside the structures of traditional media, or represents fresh developments for existing organisations.

However, the major downside to my current setup is this very solitariness. I work on my own; if I’m sick, or tired, or busy, or lacking motivation, there’s nobody I can turn to for help. The financial side too has been difficult. Generous readers of Podmail have become paying subscribers to this thing, but the revenue I generated from that has never been enough to compensate me fully for the time I spent writing the newsletters, so I’ve constantly been trading off between better paid work that keeps the lights on with my desire to do my best work for this community. This problem has become particularly acute this summer: as I’ve become busier, the newsletter has suffered, and that doesn’t feel right.

To address this, therefore, I’m making a change. I expect many of you will already be familiar with the Hot Pod newsletter written by Nick Quah, which since it began in late 2014 has grown into essential reading for all involved or interested in the podcast industry’s development, especially in the US.

Nick and I have been corresponding about audio on and off for years as our respective work reporting on podcasting has developed. I’ve long respected him as an outstanding authority on the industry, as well as a tenacious reporter and entrepreneur.

We’ve now decided to work together to expand Hot Pod into a bigger publication that covers the global podcast industry. This means that I’ll be mothballing Podmail and instead doing my writing about podcasts for Hot Pod, mainly covering UK and Europe but also writing about US developments too. If you aren’t already subscribed to those emails, sign up here. Together, Nick and I will be writing a free newsletter on a Tuesday, and then I’ll also be taking over one of the two weekly subscriber-only emails. If you have stories or tips to share, you can always email me. You can read more from Nick about our new setup here.

I’m really excited to work with Nick, and to have all of the advantages that come with being a two-person rather than a one-person team at my disposal. I’d like to thank all the Podmail readers who have supported me this far — I really appreciate you reading and responding to what I’ve written over the past few months, and I hope you’ll continue to do that with my work over at Hot Pod. If you’re a paying Podmail subscriber, I’ll be contacting you directly very soon to discuss the new arrangements. My personal links roundup email, No Complaints, continues unchanged.

Meanwhile, if you’d like to support this new venture that Nick and I are beginning, here’s what you can do:

Thanks very much for reading! See you over at Hot Pod very soon.

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