There's a lot more to podcasts than just pressing play. Audio talk, by Caroline Crampton.



Listen with the sun

We need a podcast chart. Don’t we?

In Australia, podcasting is not radio’s side hustle

Flash Forward: A glimpse of future us

It’s time to rename the podcast

Telling the stories behind the headlines

Another Round: Listening to the past

The BBC Sounds dilemma

Blockchain but for podcasting


What’s coming up next

A month’s free subscription

Millennial: What’s the hold up?

Google gets in the game

Geniuses, lower your voices

99% Invisible: A Structural Symphony

Let me Google that for you

Would you pay $1m for an Amy Schumer podcast?

The dystopian paywalled future

Why I’m worried about Audioboom


Cymbals strapped to my knees

I forgot it was about sport

A Trojan horse for corporations

Royal wedding podcasts are not for me

Bringing joy and ease

It made me want to scream

No cold cases left to reheat

Different genres and none

The personal listening rotation

More searing media analysis


People who think deep thoughts

This episode is supported by. . .

Have you noticed?

The most beautiful I have ever heard

I have a confession to make

Whispering in my ear again

Despite its boring name

It’s also comprehensible to an English speaker

The real-fake moment

They once mentioned my dog

Can I pick your brains?

Stop reading this

Two friends just effortlessly chatting


Be better and try harder

Information warfare, really intensely

It doesn't do anything fancy

Who tells your story?

I don’t know if I mentioned this

It’s always listening to you, people

How to link to a podcast

Six hours on a train

You shouldn't start a podcast

Go back in time

I certainly learned a lot

Nobody's podlistening

There's a lot more to podcasts than just pressing play. Audio talk, by Caroline Crampton.