A proper weep on the train

Hello and welcome to a new Sunday subscriber-only feature, where I send out a little playlist of three great podcasts that you might want to download for the week ahead. I’m organising them by themes, which will recur across the weeks. As always, if you want to tell me about a show you make or that you love listening to, send me a (nice) email on carolinecrampton@gmail.com

This week: podcasts that give me feelings.

The Receipts

These women are hilarious, but many of their conversations are also very moving. I have often gone from laughing to sniffing back tears within the space of a single episode. Where to start? The most recent one will do fine, then go backwards through the archive. NB: not really recommended for playing out loud in workplaces/around kids.

Terrible, Thanks for Asking

A podcast about grief and grieving, hosted by someone who knows quite a lot about both. A proper weep-on-the-train-every-episode show, but never overly sentimental or emotionally manipulative in its production. Start at the beginning, or with this one about someone who made a huge mistake.

This is Actually Happening

Frequently harrowing, often moving and never dull, this is a great first person stories podcast. You can start anywhere, but I like this one: “what if you were a fake priest in Japan?”.

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