Bringing joy and ease

Welcome to another Sunday playlist. This week, three podcasts about self improvement that don’t make you want to rip your ears off.


I recommended this one in my links newsletter this week — I’ve just recently promoted it from an occasional to a regular listen in my own personal rotation. Hosts Doree and Kate talk about self care in a non cringy, consumerist way, instead focusing on tactics that actually bring joy and ease to their lives. You can start anywhere, but I especially enjoyed this recent episode with a dog groomer.

Other People’s Problems

This is a show about therapy, featuring actual recordings of people going through it. I find it very honest and often funny, and that it actually does vicariously make me feel like I’m making progress with my own problems. This episode about birth trauma is very good.

Personal Best

I swear that when I planned this letter I didn’t know that two of my three shows would be made by CBC. They just seem to be really good on this topic! This is actually my favourite one — a podcast full of stories about people doing the best they can. It’s really charming, I find. This episode about someone who just really wants to deliver a baby cow is good.

That’s all for today. If you’re enjoying being a paying subscriber, do me a favour and tell a friend who might like to become one too ( is the link to share). This whole enterprise relies on your goodwill, for which I’m very grateful. Next week I’m going to be writing about royal wedding podcasts (!) and whether it’s possible to properly critique a branded podcast, so look out for all of that.