I certainly learned a lot

Welcome to another Sunday playlist. I’m loosely calling this genre “factual”, and it encompasses short- and long-form documentaries, as well as a lot of shows that just aren’t really anything else.

Germany: Memories of a Nation

I think I have relistened to this series three times now, and even just writing this is making me want to go back for more. It’s a lot of short episodes, presented by Neil MacGregor, about different objects and places that evoke particular moments in Germany’s history. For a BBC Radio 4 show (hahaha, what a caveat), I think it’s produced quite interestingly, and I certainly learned a lot from it. Start at the beginning or with this one about Kafka and Kant.

99% Invisible

Honestly the highest praise I can give this excellent podcast is that it makes me care about architecture and design, two things I otherwise don’t really pay much attention to. And it frequently surprises me! That’s an underrated quality in a podcast. My favourite episode is this one about the accidental music of escalators, but you can really pick it up anywhere.

Note to Self

An excellently practical podcast about online life, covering everything from how teens text to what to think about before posting family photos on the internet. Start with this episode about Amazon’s Alexa (especially if, like me, you don’t have one).

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