I have a confession to make

Subscribers, I have a confession to make. I’m thinking of starting a podcast.

(Pause for laughter.)

Among the many concerns I have about doing this, the one that’s vexing me at the moment is one that I think a lot of people face when they start feeling the urge to record their own voice and release it for download on the internet. Where should I host it?

I regularly advise other people on where to host their podcasts, but it turns out it’s rather different when it’s your own show and you have to make all the decisions. Also, when you’re looking at the marketplace as a consumer/amateur, I’m finding, it’s very difficult to see a clear way through it.

There are a number of questions you have to answer:

  1. How much will you pay?

  2. Do you want your host to book adverts and sponsorships (in return for a commission)?

  3. Do you care about being on Spotify?

  4. Do you want a host app/programme that also helps with editing?

  5. Do you want people to think you’re fancy?

Depending on how you answer these questions, you are lead towards a different host. Asking other people for recommendations is only moderately helpful, too — most people are either passionate about their own provider (yes, podcasters are nerdy enough to feel strongly about these things) or absolutely furious with their hosting service and on the point of quitting. Nobody seems to have mild opinions here.

I can’t help feeling I’m not alone in this: I would like some degree of monetisation in order to cover production costs, but I don’t want to bombard listeners with terrible third-party ads; I want good integration with other platforms; I want to pay something but not too much. From what I can tell so far, there is little catering to this market: something a bit more than a pure hobby, but smaller than a commercial production. The boundary between professional and amateur is becoming more and more blurry in podcasting, and I’m not sure that the products are keeping pace.

Am I wrong, though? This is definitely something I would welcome feedback and input on. Thanks for reading this ramble, and I’ll be back on Sunday with the usual playlist.