Listen with the sun

I’ve been away from home for a while — in Orkney, specifically (you can see some inept photos from my trip here) — and that disrupts my listening routine. As a result, I’m very behind with everything that has happened in audioland recently, so I need to spend some time in front of my computer screen with headphones on before I send you a more industry-focused newsletter next week.

But I did do something listening-wise while I was away that I’d like to share with you, and it is this: It’s a project created by two interesting people I follow on Twitter, Seb Emina and Daniel Jones, and it aggregates radio broadcasts from around the world to play you what breakfast time sounds like in a place where the sun is just rising, no matter what hour of the day you log on to the website.

Their press release describes the feeling it creates very well: “It’s the equivalent of a plane flying west with the sunrise, constantly tracking the chatter and music of people across the planet.” In the week or so that I’ve been experimenting with it, I’ve heard tootling flute music on Ontario’s Ancient FM, oompah bands from Nuremberg in Germany, what I think was children’s radio in Russian, and a whole host of other sounds from around the world.

Because so much of what I listen to is on demand, via podcasts and audiobooks and radio programmes available whenever I want to press play, it felt nice to fall back in with something so tied to a specific time of day again. I used to listen to the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show religiously when I was a teenager; it’s been years, but it was nice to tune into the start of the day again, even if the broadcast was from the other side of the world.

I highly recommend giving Global Breakfast Radio a try — and once you do, hit reply on this email and let me know what you heard.