People who think deep thoughts

Welcome to another Sunday playlist. This week, three podcasts that reliably play fantastic interviews. There’s a lot to chose from, obviously, this being a very well-populated genre. These are three of my favourites, but do hit reply and tell me about yours.

On Being

This is a very sensitive and smooth interview show focusing on people who think deep thoughts about things (I can’t be more specific than that, they range across a lot of subjects but the sensibility of all the episodes somehow stays the same). You can start with anyone, but I really liked this recent one with the Northern Irish poet Michael Longley.

Another Round

This brilliant show went on hiatus at the end of last year, as it was axed by Buzzfeed. Hosts Heben Nigatu and Tracy Clayton were able to take ownership of the podcast, but have yet to put out any new episodes. In the meantime, I highly recommend going back through their archive and listening to all of it. They’re funny, heartwarming and unapologetically into all aspects of black culture. I especially like the episode with Jordan Peele, recorded before Get Out became really huge, but they’re all good, tbh.


This show grew out of the incredible online zine for teenage girls of the same name. As it was a co-production with MTV, which has got rid of most of its podcasts since the show launched in 2017, I’m not sure what its future is (why do I like so many podcasts that have been discontinued?). But there are thirteen brilliant episodes out there to enjoy still, with the likes of Roxane Gay, Lorde and Alia Shawkat. It’s tender and clever and intriguing all at the same time.

That’s all for today. If you’re enjoying being a paying subscriber, do me a favour and tell a friend who might like to become one too ( is the link to share). This whole enterprise relies on your goodwill, for which I’m very grateful. Next week I’m going to be writing about true crime and my regular listening rotation, so look out for all of that.