They once mentioned my dog

Welcome to another Sunday playlist. This week, I’ve got three pop culture shows for you, which if you listen to them will make you feel smarter about films, TV, comics and so on.

Still Processing

This podcast, hosted for the New York Times by the whip-smart writers Jenna Wortham and Wesley Morris, is one of my absolute staple must-listen-on-the-day-of-release shows. It takes in all forms of culture as well as current affairs, but looks at things thematically, rather than just being driven by what’s newly released. As a result, all their episodes are pretty timeless, although I do recommend that you start with this incredible one: “We Don’t Love Everything Made By Black People And That’s OK?”.

The Mispronounced Item

Ok so I am a tiny bit biased about this show because the hosts are friends of mine, but I swear I would recommend it even if I had never met them. Sarah and Nathan are a couple with endless capacity to wrangle the best cultural analysis and criticism from each other, and they cover everything from the latest contemporary novels to old school sci-fi. Also, they once mentioned my dog in passing. You can start anywhere, but their most recent episode about their trip to Seattle is bloody good.


So this show only ran for eight episodes, but I still think it is good enough to warrant a nod. Each instalment featured a guest analysing a specific episode of their favourite TV show in lots of detail, and it was great (bring it back, Buzzfeed!). Start with this one about Daria.

That’s all for today. If you’re enjoying being a subscriber, do me a favour and tell a friend who might like to become one too — the link to send them is This whole enterprise relies on your goodwill, for which I’m very grateful. Happy listening!