Two friends just effortlessly chatting

Welcome to another Sunday playlist. This week, in honour of the long Easter weekend, three podcasts about bingeing TV. I really like the podcast-episode-per-TV-episode format, and I’ve enjoyed all three of these shows despite, in some cases, having only a lukewarm interesting in the TV under discussion.

Best of Friends

Two friends dissect Friends — it’s as simple as that. Very enjoyable on the original series, and I think I liked their take on the ill-fated Matt Le Blanc spin off Joey even more. Really, you should start at the beginning, but I suppose you could dip in anywhere as long as you have a vague understanding of Ross vs Rachel.

Gilmore Guys

When I started listening to this, I’d never actually watched an episode of Gilmore Girls — I was just recommended it as a really fun podcast. I didn’t understand a lot of what Kevin and David were talking about (why was everyone on the show called Lorelai??) but I enjoyed the hosts’ slightly antagonistic, affectionate dynamic, and when I did get round to bingeing the series, I became fully addicted to this podcast. If you too get hooked, you can follow them through subsequent diversions into screenwriter Amy Sherman-Palladino’s other shows: Bunhead Bros and Maisel Goys.

The West Wing Weekly

To my mind, the big daddy of TV recap podcasts. Not the original, but so comprehensive and concise as to leave the rest of them way behind. Hrishikesh Hirway and Joshua Malina do recount and discuss each episode of Aaron Sorkin’s late nineties/early noughties presidential drama, but they also bring in analysis of both small screen craft (acting, writing, scoring, directing) with guests from the cast and crew of the show, and of politics, with contemporary US politicians appearing to talk about the show’s resonance and influence today. Also, as someone who does her own weekly pop culture discussion show, I know it takes a lot of work behind the scenes to make a podcast that sounds like two friends just effortlessly chatting about a TV show, as this one does.

That’s all for today. If you’re enjoying being a subscriber, do me a favour and tell a friend who might like to become one too — I have a sale on at the moment. This whole enterprise relies on your goodwill, for which I’m very grateful. Happy listening!