What’s coming up next

It’s late on a Friday night, and I’m still hunched over a laptop. It’s been ~a week~, as the young people like to say — I’ve been ill, it’s been incredibly hot here in the UK*, and I’ve had a lot of deadlines hit in the middle of all of that. Hence my absence from the internet and how behind I am with writing to you.

I haven’t sent any newsletters at all this week, and for that I’m sorry, because I had some great ideas for what I wanted to say but no energy to actually force the words out through my fingers. However, I am feeling much better, and have got some great things scheduled already for next few weeks, including:

  • an interview with Manoush Zomorodi of Note to Self and ZigZag about her latest blockchain-funded podcasting adventures;

  • some analysis of the BBC’s latest attempt to “own” podcasting in Britain while pretending that isn’t what they’re doing;

  • a piece about how the industry is developing in Australia, where apparently they’re no longer trying to use podcasts to make young people listen to the radio but are actually just making good audio for its own sake (what a glorious idea!);

  • and a little clutch of episode reviews that made me really happy while I was writing them.

However, you won’t be able to read most of this when I send it, because you’re not a paying subscriber. I can’t do all this writing for free, and I rely on those who are supporting me already to be able to bring you the newsletter at all. The money I’m getting from it at the moment is right on the cusp of the level I need to be able to turn down more boring work to be able to devote more time to this (and prevent future gaps in the service like this week). Can you help me get over that line?

Hit the button below before the end of 30 June, and you’ll get a month of the subscriber-only newsletters for free. Come on now, you can’t say fairer than that.

See you next week!


*OK, so I know that 27°C/80°F would not be considered “incredibly hot” in some places, but this country is not set up for anything other than perpetual drizzle, ie we don’t have air conditioning in the places where we live and work. Basically, even typing this is making me feel too warm.